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David & Tammy Murphy
M4 Restaurant & Hospitality Group, Inc.
Chick-fil-A Victoria, Texas

"We were referred to Shelby Stange and Grey Feather Design Studio to advise us on designing an office building renovation. When we mentioned modern industrial design, she said that was one of her favorites! My wife and I, being somewhat creative and holding strong opinions, pretty much told Shelby what we wanted it to look like. When we met with her a couple of weeks later, she showed us two designs that were both exactly what we thought we wanted. However, she reluctantly unveiled a third plan. She had taken many liberties with the design and added her unique vision for the project... and we are SO grateful she did! The design was incredible! We are almost done with the remodel and renovation as I write this, but enough has been done to showcase how amazing it is! We can’t wait for the finished product.

Shelby was great to work with from start to finish. She carefully considered every single idea and suggestion we had. She was always happy to answer design questions along the way and share her opinion on colors and finishes. We loved her and admired her talents so much, we had her design an addition for our bay home. It, like the office, was far better than we could have imagined and we can’t wait to begin that project!"

Matt Studer, Pearl Homes
victoria, tx

“Shelby is incredible to work with. She understands our needs, executes quickly and has been a great partner on our home designs. We highly recommend Shelby for all your plan and design needs!"


“Shelby had an amazing turnaround time, was super responsive, amazing value, and delivered a beautiful design. It was a pleasure working with her and I'd highly recommend her to anyone looking for design modeling!!"

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